• Richard Grönwall
    Richard Grönwall Agent and CEO

    E-mail: richard@promotormedia.se
    Phone: +46 (0)709 94 09 43

    Richard has a background as a commercial business lawyer within the sport, media and entertainment industry. He is an experienced negotiator and has extensive know-how in copyrights, trademarks, distribution and licensing matters. As an attorney at law, Richard has for several years acted as an agent for many athletes, primarily within skiing and football.

    Parallel to the studies of his Swedish Master of Laws Degree LL.M., Richard successfully started and managed a company which sold tickets and travel packages to Formula 1-races across Europe and USA.

  • Mathias Andersson
    Mathias Andersson Agent

    E-mail: mathias@promotormedia.se
    Phone: +46 (0)705 35 60 70

    Mathias is the Nyköping entrepreneur who some 20 years ago started the accounting agency MAREDO which today is responsible for handling the finances for a large number of Swedish artists and media profiles. Mathias was also one of the founders of the very successful management company Hagenburg Law, Media and Management. With unparalleled network and experience, Mathias is a key player in the Swedish media industry.

    Mathias was recently the host of Plus in SVT and previously the host of TV3´s Lyxfällan.

  • Tove Nerman
    Tove Nerman Agent

    E-mail: tove@promotormedia.se
    Phone: +46 (0)707 33 54 47

    Tove specialized within the field of organization and management and has a master of science in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics. Since her graduation, Tove has worked as an agent for both artist and media profiles, first at Hagenburg Law, Media and Management and thereafter at MA Nyköping. With more than  thirteen years of unique experience of artist and media negotiations, coordination, drafting and consulting, Tove is a highly valued agent which our clients always rely on.